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How weeks or months is it fine to start giving baby water?

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Well they really don't even need water until a little later cause they get it in the formula/breastmilk. I started around 10-11 months with the water.
You can start as early as birth, but it's not necessary to expose them to the germs and illnesses they could catch! Their bodies don't need extra fluid apart from the breastmilk or formula. Unless you live in the desert, extra water is unecessary until at least 6 months, and even then...
they get plenty of water from formula/breastmilk. but baby water as it says on the label is fine from day one.
My doctor said that it's dangerous to give a baby water unless they are at least 6 months. They can have it mixed in formula or what they get in breast milk. I would make sure to ask your doctor before you give your baby water. 
We started giving a little water to our son when we started giving him solid food. It kept his stool softer.  Plus, the fruit puree would make him a little thirsty.  He doesn't drink much - maybe an ounce or two, but we did notice it helped keep him regular.
A baby shouldn't be drinking any water or juice until they're at least 6 months old. Drinking water before then puts them at risk for hyperhydrosis which upsets their electrolyte balance and can cause brain damage or even death. It's not necessary to give them water if they're getting enough breast milk or formula and the formula is mixed properly.

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