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How to wein off of bottle?

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My 16 month old daughter takes a bottle when she gets up, goes down for her nap and when she goes to bed. At what age and how do i start to get her off of the bottle? I know some of you are saying she should be off already- ok but she isn't so please help and offer constructive advice. Thank you!! : )

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Have you tried weaning her off at all? What I did with my son (who is pretty laid back so it might not work for a more high strung child) is started diluting the milk with water until I was only giving him warm water...I don't think he even noticed. Then one night I had the bottle ready and just decided to not give it to him. I rocked and sung to him longer than normal until he was pretty sleepy and then layed him down. Only one night after that did he whine until I decided to give him a bottle..but he's been fine since.The bottle was more a comfort thing to him. He gets his pacifier only at sleeping times and so with a little extra time spent with him and his paci I think the bottle was easy to forget.Another idea is to have someone else put her down..maybe someone that doesn't usually feed her. Babies often relate feeding, bath time, etc. with the person who does it most.. It might make the transition easier
I would back off gradually on the number of bottles she gets per day, until you're down to one. Then do away with that one.It sounds a little harsh, but try going cold turkey. It might be rough for a couple of days (probably more so on you than her), but she'll get the idea that she's going to be fine without the bottle.
ok I just switched from bottles to sippies.. my daughter is 19 months and still takes a sippy with her when she lays down for nap and such.. the weaning and not giving her one wasnt working so I compromised and give her a sippy to take to bed with her now.. as long as you have one that doesnt leak then they still get the comfort of having it with them but its not the bottle either =)
I just got my 2 year old to sippies.  I took the "paci" away at 7 months but gave it back while she switched 
take the bottle away completely and give her a sippy cup. tell her she has no choice in the matter when she throws a fit. just put all of the bottles in the trash.

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