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How to you handle the daddy stressing you out??

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I'm roughly 6 weeks pregnant, and the father of my baby keeps stressing me out! It almost seems like he constantly forgets that I'm pregnant, and has complete disregard for the fact that my hormones are driving me crazy. He attacks me with words, and makes me upset. I know this sounds like a terrible environment for a pregnant woman, and I sometimes want to make him leave. But I don't think that would solve anything. We both really want this baby and were very excited to find out that I am pregnant (especially since we were trying for so long and was told that I may never get pregnant again). What do I say? What should I do? I've just been keeping quiet, and staying to myself. HELP!! I don't want to stress the baby out!!

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Me and my husband get into little arguments all the time about everything and that was before and after my baby was born mostly because I will be talking to him and hes just staring into space lol but it was one of those arguments where you apologize immedetly after. But you should talk about it tell him how you feel be the complaining pregnant women we all are when were pregnant. Then its out in the open and he knows that he needs to stop. Good luck! hang in there mama.
You need to talk to him about the way he's making you feel. My husband was in the Marine Corps so he has very high standards for cleaning and productivity. I'm almost 28 weeks pregnant with our third child and I'm a stay at home mom. I have enough going on just with taking care of my two toddlers and being pregnant, I can't always keep the house spotless as well. Things were getting to the point that I just couldn't take his criticism and frustration so we sat down and had a few heart to heart talks. It turns out there are other things causing him stress, it's not just me, but I'm the one he can take it out on. Just having him talk about the things that are bothering him helped a lot. He admitted that while coming home to a messy house doesn't help, it's not the main problem. So he's calmed down a lot and is dealing with his own things in a better way.So just talk to him. Tell him how you feel and how his behavior affects you. Stay as calm as possible when you talk to him, getting overly emotional just makes it harder for both of you to have a real discussion. Chances are there are other things that are stressing him out and for whatever reason he's keeping it to himself. Do what you can to figure out what is bothering him and things should get better.
My husband was ok when i was prego but we did fight and oh boy did i wanna kill him! and when the baby was born it got worse cause he never did anything! we faught all the time, since my son has been 6 months he has been sooooo much better! now we can go out with bentley and play with him and have alone time. we would never talk but now we do. talking helps big time sit him down tell him how your feeling
right there with ya! i don't think they mean to stress us out, and our hormones make us rather unpleasant at times and that probably stresses them out too...idk, i feel how you do though like they forget we are pregnant and don't understand.

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