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How young can a child be diagnosed with asthma?

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My son is 5 months and has had a constant wheeze since about 2 months old. His father and i both have asthma but everyone is telling us children that young usually dont have asthma. He was already diagnosed with bronchiolitis at 1 month but should have cleared up by now.i made an appointment with the pulmonologist for him but its in march and im anxious and frustrated:-(

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My son start nebulizer treatments when he was 5 months. He had a cronic cough and during sever fits he would weeze. It has helped a lot. He was extreamly fussy and just thought it was colic that would not go away. Now he is great he is a very happy boy. They have not offically given the asthma diagnoses but they say the improvement is good and they will evaluate him as he ages for more offical diagnoses. He gets a once daily and a rescue one when he is having flairs or a cold.
thats reassuring. they have me giving him the inhaler every 6 hrs and he has an appointment tomorrow with his regular doctor to see if its helping. they cant do much though until he sees the specialist. even though he doesnt seem to have a hard time breathing and the doctors dont really sound worried i just feel so bad cuz hes so little and he sounds like someone who smokes at least a pack of ciggarettes a day

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