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HowBad Is Gestational Diabetes?

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I am currently 35 weeks and 3 days pregnant. My doctor just diagnosed me with gestational diabetes and i've read alot of scary things about it. i wanted to know how dangerous it is for the baby and i because the doctor wasn't too clear with his explanation.

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It is pretty common and they have figured out ways to monitor it really well. If you listen to what yoru doctor tells your and eat the correct food there is very little chance that it will not be okay. You have very far along so you only have a month or so left. Talk with your doctor about what he wants you to eat and how best to take care of the situation. Call the office if you have questions someone should talk to you to help explain what you need to do.
For me, it wasn't a big deal. My blood sugar levels were totally normal once I stopped snacking in between meals. Make sure your doctor refers you to a good nutritionist and that you get a glucose monitor. You may not have to change your diet much. Don't completely avoid good carbs like whole grains, and fruits and vegetables. Limit the amount of refined sugar you consume but don't just switch to artificial sweeteners. There are no risks to your own health unless your sugar levels are extremely high. If your sugars aren't well controlled there are health risks for your baby. Sugar from your blood stream can pass through the placenta but insulin cannot. This means that your baby will get too much sugar and your baby's pancreas will have to produce more insulin to combat it. This will cause your baby to have low blood sugar after he or she is born because it takes time for the body to adjust to not having high blood sugar from you. Your baby can also put on excess body fat which has health risks in itself.But, if your sugars are well controlled there is nothing to worry about. A nurse will check your baby's blood sugar levels 2 or 3 times after he or she is born to make sure the levels are normal. 
Thanks so much. i feel alot better now and more assured that things will be okay. i have a glucose monitor already and i have an appointment with a dietician tomorrow.

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