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the hubby has wanted to try oral and anal sex has anyone tried it

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he has been wanting sex all the time which is totally ok when im not big fat and pregnant and it doesnt hurt he didnt want nothing to do with me sexually then i talked him in to having sex now he always wanna do it what 2 do in this situation

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Oral sex is a great way to satisfy your man without having to have vaginal sex. It's my old standby when I want to please my man without taking all my clothes off.
well we tried it and he loved it alot and we tried anal i didnt like it but he did
are new deal is i will get to snuggle with him and kiss him and he will be all romantic like i want then every 2wks then every 3wks we can have oral then anal and role playing like he wants
I personally do not like oral and will not do it.  My gag reflexes are really bad, but anal is enjoyable.  go slow and try it.
i like anal pretty well it hurts the first time but plugs work good to help you get used to it
He wants to try it but im still worried about the pain of anal and the almost throwing up from the blow job. Like milliesmom said my gagging problem doesn't let me get anything put in my throught, plus the thought of sperm in my mouth um no thanks.
Yeah ill remember that one pinkpaisley8709
I enjoy Oral sex very much! And I love Anal sex! when your trying Anal sex juste remember Lube! Lube! Lube! and have a glass of wine to relax you!
Oral is great! My husband loves it! I get aroused by it as well. Anal takes time to get used to. It has to be done little by little to get used to it. 
If the thought of sperm really grosses you out, you can also try flavoured condoms?Im really keen to try anal but am a bit scared of the pain too.. Thanks for the tips =D 

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