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Huge breasts ?!!!!!

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She is 12 13 in march and she has huge breast she keeps asking me if there is any way to make them smaller she is begging me and she gets mocked what do I do ?

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At this point, there isn't really anything you can do. Doctors generally won't do any sort of breast reduction surgery on girl this young. I suggest maybe taking her to see a therapist who can help her develop a better self-image and better self-esteem. Being made fun is difficult but getting her to feel better about herself is the best thing you can do for her right now.
if she is that self concious about it, why not just teach her how to wrap them up with an ace bandage, or buy her a bunch of sports bras? i'm a 34DD, and if i put on a sports bra, i instantly look 2 cups sizes smaller.
As Pink said, I am a 34D, and when i put on a sports bra i look like an A cup, I had 34B when i was in 7th Grade, So i know what she went through, alot of teasing, Victoria's secret has some cute sports bras in the pink section, i know that sounds scary, but she will want to wear them more than ones from Walmart target also has some as well. Just tell her to ingnore it as best she can, if she shows emotion about it they will never stop -Katie
Oh, to add to that, you don't have to take her in to VS, you can order online, i wear a medium, a large is to big around, I know its akward, maybe just spend a day out with her, and aproach it in a way where she wont feel weird.
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I guess that it is normal in this period! segeln Greece
She shouldn't be worried everyone in this generation is trying to grow there breasts and trying to get there period faster. They will come when they will come she's not alone my daughter is a D two and she's only 13 I tell mine to embrace it I buy her push up bras and low cut shirts I don't want her to get made fun of

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