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Husband doesn't want another

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My husband does not want to add another baby (we have 3) to our family. I would love to have another! He says that it is for financial reasons, but to be honest I do not agree with him on that point. I will be 40yrs old in 4 months and the time is running out. It is a big sore spot in our relationship. Please help!

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If your husband is 100% against having another, for any reason, then I don't think it is a good idea.  It will add stress and tension that may cause relationship problems.  My husband wants a 3rd and I do not, for financial reasons (we can afford another but I want to provide the 2 we have with opportunities and experiences that requires time and money that would not be available if we had a 3rd) That said, I understand about your thought time is running out.  I would talk to my husband in length about why you want another child, how you can work your budget to cover another, etc.  Good luck, hopefully you can make a decision together and if you agree for another you have a healthy, happy pregnancy and baby!  =)
i agree with ambera17 you shouldnt have another one unless you and your husband agree on it
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