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I am 11 weeks pregnant should i stop breatfeeding my toddler?

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Everything I have read and was told that it's fine to continue nursing while being pregnant. You and double check with your doctor in your next appointment. In the meantime I wouldn't worry about it too much.
its fine im pregnant and im still breastfeeding my 3 month old caitlyn
I'm sur you'll only have to add extra calories to your daily intake and everything should be fine. But ask your doctor for sure on how long you can still breast feed while pregnant.
you should not be breastfeeding a toddler. he/she needed to be weened off the tit no later than 12 months. im appaled at all the women that can't seem to just take it away! it digusts me to read and hear about these things. it's innapropriate. by the way, how old is your toddler?
to pinkypaisley8709     first of all i really dont care what you think it was optional to respond to my question its a choice  and for someone who is so appaled why are you even on here just blink off the site not that hard so in respone to you none of your fucking business ok thank you bye bye have a nice life
you post questions on the world wide web, hoping to recieve feeback. advice, opinions, etc. don't let your precious little feelings get hurt when someone doesn't aggree with what you are doing.
i am not in my feelings but like i said b4 i asked a question & you didnt have 2 answer it i the world wide web but guess what you can choose to be apart of it i did & so did you so just like you said your little remarks i said mine now deal with it you dont like my question dont answer it understand :)

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