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I am 12 weeks and 4 days preg. i am worried i could lose my babi.

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i am 12 weeks and 4 days pregnant recently i have gone through alot of stress when it comes to my bf nd i recently got into a physicall fight with someone im not going to name who tha person was bt now i have been having cramping and a yellowish milky discharge could this b a sign of miscarriage or is this normal?

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Hard to say, could be your body continuing to grow and change.  The cramping could be due to stress and not eating as you normally would.  Best bet is to call a doctor and ask to be seen and checked out.  They can help calm your nerves and answer any questions.
I would definitely say call your dr for an appointment. With you getting into a fight you don't want to risk your baby's safety by putting it off or thinking its nothing. I would take it easy and get an appointment to be seen so you know for sure if eveything is ok. Hope all turns out well. Good luck :)
You sound like a young mother; just like myself. The thing is you're worried about all the wrong things. By reading this little excerpt of your life I can tell the thought of your child being healthy and surviving is last. Don't take offense to what I'm saying I'm just being honest. Your boyfriend shouldn't even be a complication in your mind! If he wants to act an ass then let him do it by himself!!! Sweetheart, your baby's health is #1 on your priority list. Physical altercations you really have to hold your composer and walk away. You need to pass the 24 week mark for an easy feeling of survival for your child. Your best bet is to go to the doctor and tell them what's going on. Then you need to do some soul searching for the sake of that baby. My name is Laramie and if you wanna talk or need advice email me at 
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Cramping could be a bad sign, but if its not accompanied by bloody discharge it might not be. I would call the doctor.

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