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i am 13 i had sex with my boyfriend...

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he ejaculated in me and i am pregnant. my mom doesnt know, what do i do

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I thought you were seriously avoiding having sex with your boyfriend because you weren't ready. What happened?You have three options. You can keep your baby, you can give it up for adoption, or you can have an abortion. It is up to you to decide which option you can live with for the rest of your life. And you will have to tell your mom at some point. I'm pretty sure you'll need parental consent if you want an abortion.I hope you learned an important lesson from this and won't make the same mistake again. If you are too young to deal with a pregnancy you are too young to be having sex! As a mother myself, your situation saddens me beyond belief. You are just too young to be in this situation. Just last week you were asking about how to handle your hormones and plenty of us on here gave you good options. It frustrates and saddens me that you didn't take our advice.
i really didn't wanna have sex because i knew it was wrong for me to have sex this young i was at his house we were sitting on the bed listening to music it got to a slow song he put his hand on my leg  i was caught up in the moment 
i wanna keep it  the i am very very  christian  i could never live with knowing i killed my baby.        i will have to tell my mom eventually but i am scared that she wont forgive me for it       
You should tell your mom she loves you and will always love you, I know that  if my daughter got pregnant at 13  I would just wanna be there for her.  If you wanna keep it you need to get  to a doctor.  you need to tell the father and his parents deffinetly make sure he is supporting you and your child.  I think it would be a good idea to get tested for HIV thats something that can be harmful to you,your little one,the father.
I fully agree with V's post. It is also understandable that you may be afraid of your mother's reaction to this news, but reality is you made an adult decision and now have to accept the adult responsibilities that go along with that. As such, you need to step up address your situation with your mother immediately. She may be very disappointed and upset, but after all that is said and done she will most likely be your best asset and support to get you through this pregnancy and raising your child once it's born. The first trimester is one of the most fragile and important periods during your unborn baby's development and you owe it to him/her to start providing the best care possible.
Like the other ladies said, if you're planning on keeping your baby you need to tell your mom and you need to get to a doctor immediately. Since you're so young proper medical care is extremely important. Pregnancy is very difficult, both physically and emotionally. You'll need as much support as you can get, hopefully much of that support will come from your mom. 
You just had sex within the last week, based on your first post a week ago, so how are you sure your pregnant? Have you taken a test? First make sure you really are pregnant and if your not now is the time to seek birth control. If you have a clinic nearby that will allow you to get on bc without parental permision go that route if not use condoms. If your parents are religious they most likely believe in abstinence and wont allow you to get on bc, but some schools have health clinics and do not require parental permision to give out bc. See what your options are. If you are pregnant I would first find someone who you can confide in that is not a parent in case they are not as accepting as you would hope.
i had sex a week ago and  i have took a pregnancy and unless i read it wrong i am pregnant.
Talk to your mom sweetie, she can help you and make sure you have a healthy pregnancy. Have someone eles look at the pregnancy test because sometimes people do read them wrong.
You seriously need to look into what is going to be best for this child. I suggest you consider adoption. Being a parent is very hard, it is expensive and draining. Placing your child for adoption would be a very hard painful decision to make, but this is the time to be unselfish and give your baby the best chance.


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