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I am 14 yrs old.. I think I'm pregnant.. I want an abortion.. I'm scared

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I am 14 yrs old.. And still studying in school.. My parents just made me break up with my boyfriend.. Because they don't allow me to.. They don't know that I am probably pregnant.. I am so scared.. My boyfriend and I are really worried.. I don't know what to do.. I want to have an abortion.. I'm sorry.. I'm just not yet ready.. I don't want to ruin his future as well.. I don't want my parents to know.. I don't want to tell them.. I want an abortion.. But how?.

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There are two options you have. The more responsible one would be to tell your parents or a trusted adult, maybe a doctor. The other option is to call and underage pregnancy clinic (able to find in cities or online) they will keep you anonymous to your parents unless you tell them not to. They would help you through everything. An abortion is ok for a girl at your young age. I would talk it over with someone you trust first and make sure that is your final decision. Good luck

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