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i am 16, and i think i might be pregnant. what do i do?!

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i am a sophomore in high school, and i am 16. i found out that i was fertile on one of the days me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex. he pulled out, but i think that maybe i might be pregnant. im starting to show some of the signs, and i dont know what to do. HELP!!

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If you are smart enough to know you were fertile, hindsight says you should have known better than to have unprotected sex. That said, take a pregnancy test from the drugstore. Regardless of the answer, talk to your parent(s)/guardian. As much as you think they'll "kill" you. You may be surprised at their support. If that scares you too much to do first - go to your school counselor, pastor or whomever you can. But tell someone (an adult) who can help you begin the steps toward whatever you decide to do. I say this as someone who had a child at 18 and he was adopted to a lovely family. I was lucky. We all make mistakes, but we all must own up to those mistakes and take responsibility for our actions. And remember, condoms are not just for protection from unwanted pregnancy. They can save your life!
first of all, you were smart enough to know when you were fertile, so why did you not take any precautions? birth control is readily available. think it's hard to talk to mom about birth control? it's a whole lot easier than the converstation your about to have if you are indeed pregnant. you need to get a test at the drug store, and then talk to your family or an adult that you can trust. ultimately you are going to have to say something to your parents, so why not just go to them first? i know this is scary for you. there are many options, but please if you don't want to raise a baby at 16, then i suggest you start looking into adoption. also try this website
i didn't know i was fertile when we had sex, i figured out i was a few days after. so chill with that.. i am waiting to see if i miss my period first. 
me and my boyfriend didn't have sex but he did stick it in a couple times no protection and I never thought I would be freeking out this much but Ivan barely sleep just thinking about the possibilitys that I might be pregnant and my parents are really strict about this stuff but I would say we had sex but not to the point where he had to ejaculate any time soon so what should I do I'm freeking out I jut need someone to tell me that it will be okay but I know that might not be the reality of it

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