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I am 20 wks pregnant and dont really feel th baby move at all..

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Its my second child and with my first son i had a c-section..The doctor says its fine and normal because of the scar tissue but it worries me, and i have more cramps too and they said its because of the scar tissue..It just makes me worry more..anyone else experiance this???

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I haven't experienced it but I thought I would try and give you a little reassurance anyways. It makes perfect sense to me that you wouldn't have as much feeling since you had a c-section. I wouldn't worry about it too much if it were me. If it persists and you are still worried I would definitely talk to the dr just to make sure everything is ok. Other than that I would just say relax and enjoy your son and this pregnancy. Good luck! :)
Im 24 weeks and two days &&& i still dont feel the baby kicking or moving but my doctor said its okay tho some womens dont even know that their pregnant till their in labor!

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