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I am 32 weeks and just got a really painful contraction?

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Hello i'm 32 weeks preggo and last week i had a really painful contraction in my lower abdominal. It was soo painful that i felt i might be going in to labor, but because it only happened once i wasn't too alarmed and didn't call my doctor. Has this happened to any else?? Am i just worrying to much?? and is this normal?? Thanks for any and all of your input! =)

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Well Im About 35 Week's && I Get Contraction's As Well..Theyy Hurtt Alot So I Soo Know What You Mean..&& They Are Normal They Are Just Preparing You For The Real Thing When You Go iNto Labor:).Soo Don't Worry About It It's Normal:)
Are you sure it was a contraction and not just a cramp or round ligmament pain?
I got them all the time. It is just a practice contraction. If you have more and they are regular then I would call your doctor. Also sometimes you can get a cramp or ligament pain from the stretching and if you move just right. I used to get one and it would hurt over my lower belly and down into my groin it would make me have to stop. I got it when I tried to get out of bed.
Braxton Hicks are what they are called, and yes totally normal. You may or may not get them. You do need to pay attention to them and watch as they can turn into true labor. If they are contuinous, getting stronger and closer together (5 minutes apart) and have an apparent pattern to them then it's time to go or phone your doctor/midwife/health center.  Best of luck to you and the upcoming babe. :)

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