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I am 33weeks today. What can happn if you lift heavy items?

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We are moving and i have lifted/carried some boxes. Plus toted my 24pound, 15month old around..

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You can cause tears, stretching or under heavy stress cause yourself to go into labor.  I think if you've already done it and feel okay, consider yourself lucky and don't do anymore.  Rest!  Take it easy.  Leave the heavy lifting to others if you can.
lissiemel is absolutley correct you can cause your muscles and even your placenta to tear. I tore some muscles and ended up going to the hospital after carrying a 24 pack of Ozarka Water Bottles. I thought nothing bad could happen just by putting a pack of water in my cart at the grocery store but I was wrong it hurt alot, it felt like I had been stabbed with a knife in my ribs, and I could hardly move. So yeah if you got away with feeling nothing than your pretty lucky but don't do it again. I know that it's hard to not do the things you are use to doing but it's only a few more weeks and you can do it. Good luck!
Oh by the way words of advice from my hubby he says you should check with your Dr and make sure that everthing is alright because he says that you may have hurt yourself and you're just not aware of it. When I did this to myself it didn't hurt until a couple of days afterwards. So just be safe.
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