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I am 35 week and 1 cm dilated,how long could I stay that way?

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It all depends on your body. I was 1 cm dialated even the day I went into the hospital to get induced. I was almost hitting my 41st week. You never know though, from one day to the next you can start dialating fast. It was painful after a while having been induced, but the epidural was a huge help and expedited my labor. :) Hope this helps
im in the same 34 weeks and went to the docs yest,had some spotting on sunday and found out im 1 cm..she took me out of work so now i can stay home and relax..i hope u can stay home and relax too..eveyu pregnancys diff we could go soon or way SIL and cousin both had really like spotting like i did and went into labor a few days later. are u bleeding at all?
It is common for the cervix to dialate a few centimeters in the later part of the 2nd trimester and 3rd trimesters. This does not mean labour will soon follow. This is something that your doctor or midwife will monitor, otherwise this is normal. The onset of regular contractions that continue to dialate the cervix further means labour has begun. Sorry to say but you could stay dialated to 1 or 2 until or beyond your due date.
Ah the feel of being so close but yet so far away. You might still have some time. I was dialated to 1 cm and lost my mucus plug two weeks before going into labor. It wouldn't surprise me if you stayed this way for a few more weeks or more.
Just follow the doc's bed rest orders. With my last child I dialated to 1cm in my 34th week and 4 days after the order to STAY in bed, my water broke. The Dr.'s stopped my labor and kept me pregnant almost three more days. Each day inutero it compareable to 3 days in the nicu. Today all is wonderful, he is abosolutely normal, alittle too smart for my own good, but no health problems. It's always better safe then sorry though. Good Luck!!!
well my doc hasnt took me outta work and im still workin full time,could this make things go faster?
It all depends on your body. I've been at 1 cm for almost 2 weeks now, and I'll be 40 weeks on Friday. I went in to be induced yesterday and stayed there all day and ended up being released at midnight because my body refused to dilate and my uterus does not want to drop low enough to have my water broke. Good luck though. I hope you aren't stuck in my dilemma. 

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