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I am 35 years old..and I have a daughter of 6 years of age...she does

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lots of I beat her sometimes front of my she feels ashamed...n cry like anything..I can't forgive myself for this..I feel guily also..I am working to handle her pls advice soon..

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Well probably get a pregnancy test first of all. And second if you aren't pregnant, I'd really suggest that you reconsider having sex. Especially unprotected, you say you havent been with this guy that long so who knows if you'd have the support of a partner. if you think you wouldn't be able to support a child at this time then you shouldn't be having unprotected sex, or really sex at all if your this young. A child changes everything even when you are financially stable. think about bringing a life into this world that you wouldn't be able to support. It wouldn't be fair to your baby so I'd suggest adoption if you are pregnant. Just my opinion .
Hire someone to talk to her on Facebook and kidnap her just to scare her lol. Probably the worse advice on the site but I was watching this social experiment of girls who talk to guys on the Internet and that's what they did. With the permission of the parents of course.

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