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I am 37 weeks and have period like cramping and pain in lower back

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that sounds like contractions to me. yes it is very normal especially at the end of the road. The closer they get  or if it gets  to be constant i would go to your doc or . For me going the pain just didn't go away, I didn't even time the contractions I just went to the hospital. I hope you have a quick delivery!!! good luck
The period like cramps can be contractions. everyone experiences them differently. But i know that when I was going into labor with my first (& didnt even realize it yet) I had an uncomfortable kinda painful feeling in my lower back. I would say watch the cramps. If they come & go start timing how long they last & how long in between them. If they seem to be regular then they might be the real deal. Personally i think you should call your dr now & tell him what youre experiencing & see what he has to say. I think towards the end of a pregnancy its always a good idea to keep your dr well informed. good luck
Very, very normal and get used it hun, because you're going to be feeling a lot of these contractions. They should only last for a couple minutes or so (thankfully) so you won't have to worry about it to much.

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