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I am 38 wks.. hips and back feel like they are on fire, am i close?

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I am 38 wks.. hips and back feel like they are on fire, am i close? I am also having Braxton Hicks contractions. No mucus plug, or water breaking, or even that big of a drop from my son.. Many friends who have kids are getting me excited by saying i should be having him VERY soon, these are the early stages of labor. But I do not want to get my hopes up, just to have to wait another two weeks or even longer.. Are there any of you who had these symptoms close to their delivery also? Thanks

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38 weeks? of course you are close! watch for the bellybutton to start protruding. when it looks like it's going to pop out, you should be going into labor any time. hang in there, i know it feels like an eternity until you get that baby out, but it's almost over.
well my bellybutton is pretty shallow, but its been that way for a few months now... just wondering if those pains in particular were and indication that he would be coming sooner than later.. yes this is seeming like it is taking forever, the nine months flew by, these weeks and days are what are killing me!! Thanks for the response!!

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