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I am 3months pregnant and on Morphine for back pain. What should I do?

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I suffer from severe back pain for the last 15 years as a result of being in a car accident as a pedestrian when I was pregnant with my daughter. As a result I have been on pain management since then. I am currently on Morphine Sulfate. Two weeks ago I found out that I was pregnant. I am now 3 months pregnant. My doctor suggested switching the Morphine to Methodone because it would be easier on the baby, but I wasn't sure that was a wise choice. He also said it would be impossible to wean me off the Morphine while I'm pregnant because the baby would go into shock and i would probably miscarry. I need some advice. Is there any pain management treatment that can be considered safer than Morphine or Methadone, or should I let them switch me to Methodone and wean me off while I'm pregnant. And if they wean me off, how will I manage with my now overbearing back pain, more so now that I am pregnant?

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your doctor knows what's best for you. it really would hurt your baby to wean off of morphine. some babies are born perfectly healthy when their mothers used pain pills throughout the pregnancy. but it seriously is a choice between doing your child a little damage or letting it die from withdrawal. i've seen it happen and it's very sad.
you should talk to your doctor. she can help you make a smart decision about what to do. we are not doctors, we are mothers, so that who you need to be talking to. good luck.

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