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i am 4days late and have no pregnancy symptoms

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Hi im almost 22 will be in may, i had my first child at the age of 16 with the same boyfriend as i have now and since having my daughter i had the depo injection for the first 3month after her birth and have not taken any contraception since that and my daugter will be 5 in march, me and my boyfriend have been tryin to conceive and been havin no luck untill march last year wen i found out i was pregnant and was over the moon and then in may last year i miscarried at 10weeks pregnant, and thats the only time since havin my daughter that i catched on now we have still been trying after the misscarrage and still no look and been hopin every month then i come on my period and both times iv been pregnant i have nown from having really sore boobs, but as of now im 4days late on my period have not took at test as 4days i suppose i can wait a lil longer to see if i come on my period as i cant do with the disapointment but i have no pregnancy symptoms not like my first child anyway the only think i can say is i did get a lil dizzy before when i went to put the washing in the washer and stud back up to talk to my boyf but i may gave just got up too fast even tho it happend once or twice, and other than that iv got from slim to my belly sticking out if some1 was to see they wud ask me if i was pregnant and when i lay on my side my belly leabs to one side and feels heavy What do u guys think? Is it all just in my head? Any advice is better than non and have any of u been in this positon?? Xxx

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