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I am 5 weeks pregnant. after i poop there is blood is that ok?

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sometimes the blood is faint and sometimes its red. No cramping or pain. Is this ok? also happened when i was cleaning up my cats vomit. made me gag. Went to the bathroom and again when i wiped there was blood. no pain. I am a little freaked out and want to make sure everything is ok. Please help. This is my second pregnancy and so far it is so different from my first.

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ive expierenced that after i poop, my Gyno told me that when i go to the restroom and sit down not to push that if i need to poop i will poop DO NOT PUSH because that will maybe lead to my getting hemroids. if you feel that you need to poop but it doesnt want to come out stand up and sit down over and over so your not putting so much on your bottem. 

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