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i am contracting every 7-8 min with no dialation 4 2 weeks..what 2 do

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i am 38 1/2 weeks prego, i have been contracting 4 2 weeks now stuck at 7-8 min intervals. my cervix is thinned out 80%. as u can imaginge i am just tired, tired of the whole thing. the doctors want me 2 reach 5 min contractions 4 an hr, ugh why cant they understand how this feels everyday all day. i have walked stairs, walked the block and i even walk 2 the store instead of driving, i have no idea what else 2 do 2 get this going...some1 any suggetions?

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The best and only thing that really works to get labor progressing is having sex. An orgasm can stimulate contractions and semen has prostaglandins which help your cervix ripen and dilate. I'm in a similar situation as you. I'm 39 1/2 weeks, have been having contractions off and on and even a couple of false starts, but nothing is happening. I'm miserable, but I'm only 2cm dilated and have been stuck there for about 3 weeks. This is my third baby and I'm afraid I'm going to be induced like I was with my first. Silly me, I was thinking it got easier each time...

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