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I am feeling asexual towards my husband, is this normal?

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After my second baby, I am just feeling not attracted to my husband. I do not want to be intimate sexually with him and anytime he slightly touches my engorged breasts I cringe. I hate feeling like this because I know I am hurting his feelings and rejecting him when I snap or pull away from him and it often leads to a tension filled evening or heated discussion. I love it when we cuddle, kiss or hug, but I just hate it when he tries to put a move on me. I explained to him that my breasts are off limits and sensitive because I am nursing, but in reality I also just don't want to have sex. I force my self to be intimate with him, although I am cringing inside and have my eyes squeezed shut in the dark, often it feels like I am being sexually assaulted because I really don't want it. I hate feeling like this because I want to be intimate with my husband and I want to enjoy it. I am 5 months post-partum and breastfeeding still, is this normal? Could it be hormonal although I did not feel this way with after my first child was born. Do I need to go to counseling for this? I do not want to jeopardize my marriage because I do love him very much.

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wow my only daughter was born 2 years ago and when she was about 4,5,6 months i felt the same way u feel ...!!! Sometimes i would start crying because just like you i felt like if i was being sexually assaulted even though i had sais yes.... I would also only like too cuddle too...!! honestly i never went to counseling i just let time pass by and it got better.. i think it is because labor to me was a really hard and scary experience i just wasnt ready to have something stuck up there were my baby had came out of with sooo much pain ...!! and breast are sooo swollen they hurt..!! its uncomfterble for them to be grabbiing...!! she is 2 years old now and everything went back to normal maybe when i stoped breast feeding her wich was when she turned 7 months ... eather way if u see it doesnt get better counseling might help...

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