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I am going to start taking Naturacue next week. DOES IT WORK?????

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I ordered naturacure for my fertility problems. its all natural, but i wan to know from people who have actually used it or know someone who have. Im desperatly trying for my second one, after 2 misscarriages, and one being twins i think i need a boost. [im healthy now, they were cause from lack of iron. i fixed that. now i cant get preggo..]

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well, my friend used it and it worked really good for her. but every women is different so it could work differently for you.
ive been taking them for like 4 dyas now. do u know how soon she got pregnant? 
I haven't tried that one, but I have tried one like it called Lydia Pinkams and they did help me get pregnant with my last child. But my Dr. didn't want me to try them this time so he put me on Clomid. Where did you get the medicine? In case the Clomid doesn't work.

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