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I am having trouble relating to my 7 year old son who doesn't need me

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My seven year old is increasingly independent, which I guess is a good thing, but the more he takes on and the more I let go, the worse I feel as a mother. How do I keep the connection, while giving him his space?

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Please don't discredit yourself like that; you son absolutely needs you. He may have more of an introvert temperament and NEEDS to be alone frequently to "recharge". If you are extroverted, this is a foreign concept. Read up on the different personalty types and temperaments and figure out which one best suits you and your son. Once you learn what makes him tick and how he differs from you, you can find activities better suited for you both. Maybe he prefers to work quietly beside you instead of a constant barage of talk? It takes effort, but it is well worth it. My son and I are complete opposites. After I learned that, I was better able to enter into his world instead of wanting him to fit into mine. Let me say again your son needs you. Don't compare the way your friend's kids need them; this will always leave you feeling "less than".

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