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I am kinda stressed about something....

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My daughter has a rash all over her body, I think it could be poison ivy or something I called the doctor to make an appointment but should I be worried.

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Rashes can be caused by all sorts of things. It's not possible over the internet to determine whether or not a rash is a cause for concern. Is she itchy and scratching her skin? Or does she just have red bumps? Does she have any symptoms of illness?
She is itchy, not sick at all. My question was if she has poison ivy can she wait untill her appoinment in 6 days
 You should take her to the emergency room, if it got to her face then it could be hard for her to breathe.  
If she's itching she needs to be seen right away. It could be poison ivy or poison oak (did she really get into something like that?) or it could be something like chicken pox. Only a doctor will be able to tell for sure. Since it's the weekend I would take her to urgent care. If the rash doesn't seem to be spreading you're probably ok to wait until tomorrow morning to call her doctor's office and demand that she be seen immediately. Doctors do leave appointments open for sick kids, so it's shouldn't be that difficult, you just have to be insistent.

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