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i am a mom of 2 boys and pregnant w/triplets. need help w/disclipline

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boys r 4 and 3. they are very roady and hyper active and wont listen fight all the time.

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i'm a firm believer in spanking. that helps with most behavior problems. they need to understand that there are consequenses for their actions. time-outs work for some kids, but have no effect on my daughter. i only use spanking as a last resort. all i have to do i threaten to spank, and she straightens up immediately.
I would start with time outs, a minute for every year old they are. Have one spot they always sit in, and continue to bring them back every time they get up with out saying a word. after they sit for the full amount of time expain again. But like Pinkpaisley said time outs don't always work, so spanking is also an option as long as it's not over used or done out of anger.
I have two girls, ages 4 and 2.  They certainly fight and have a lot of "spunk", so they certainly try my patience regularly.  I have yelled like a maniac before, but what I've found that works the best is when I stay calm and talk to them in a quiet, calm voice, then use time out, then re-explain why they were in time out.  I have found over the years that we have less incidences when I use this approach.  But all kids are different.  I just  think they feed off the energy from the parents. 
If you are pregnant with triplets, you probably shouldn't be spanking your 4 and 3 year olds.  Try and get them on your side, by telling them you need their help.  And that listening to you would help.  Good luck - they need lots of attention now, because when you have your babies, they are going to get the short end of the stick.  I know - I have a 4 year old and twins.
I reccommend John Rosemond's website. Also the book "To train up a child" by Mike and Debi Pearl is excellent. Anything by James Dobson is good too. I have not personally read this one, but heard the book "Raising Godly Tomatoes" is great too. I don't know who the author on that one is though.The key with toddlers is consistency. You absolutley need to enforce every rule every time. They will eventually get it and stop testing you, but getting to that point will be exhausting. You also need to make sure hubby and you are on the exact same page and doing the exact same thing. You need to present a united front and let them know that both of you are expecting the same exact thing, so one paernt doesn't undermine the other. The Champ Ladder is an excellent reward system that younger kids can see and that might help with consistency. also Doorposts has great charts as well.
When my daughter is naughty, I always ask her if she wants to be in trouble. If she stays naughty, she gets a smack on the hand or bum. Never hard, just enough to get her attention. Yours will probably hit you back at first, so watch your belly.

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