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I am pregnant and have a job interview. Should I try and hide it?

3 answers
I am 17 weeks along and have a job interview. I have already started showing but can hide it with a loose shirt. I know its illegal for them to ask if your expecting during an interview, but is it something they should know?

answers (3)

I think that if they dont know they'll be fine but, when you get bigger and they find out they might get mad that you didnt tell them and fire you its good to be truthful unless you dont plan on working there long you should tell them.
you may want to wear a loose shirt to go ahead and get the job. however, at some point they are going to know. it's better to tell them after you are hired. a lot of employers won't hire prego women for the fact of you needing maternity leave. tell them after you are hired. they can't fire you for being pregnant, that's against the law.
i wouldnt lie or hide it. if they hire u its based on ur experience and how well they think u will do on the job. u wont be out on maternaty leave for a while anyway

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