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I am really wanting to get prego.

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I am really wanted to start trying to get pregnant, I want to get in pregnant in july, so that we can have our baby in April. when should i start trying again????

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What Is Wrong With You Hunny This Aint No Joke Its Time To Wake Up Hunny Thats Not Even Cute Havinq A Baby Is Not All That Hunny And How Old Is You ?? Okay Just Shut Thee Hell Up Before You End Up Pregnant Forreal And You Dont Know What To Do
Its quite difficult to time a pregnancy exactly...  There are fertilty calendars that will help you.  This website has one It will tell you your fertile days of the month to increase your chances, but I would say try not to put yourself on such a restricted timeline, you may be setting yourself up for failure.  I would say when you are ready, start trying and if and when it happens you will be happy regardless of whether your baby is born in April May June or July!
Okay wow, sister16,im not your hunny, and  you need to back off, and not tell me to shut the hell up, #1 I am already a mother I have a 5 month old perfect daughter and I know what to do! I was saying that I want to try and get prego again but I want to have my child in April so when the best time to start trying again was, so i know what to do. Also i am 20 yrs old which is none of your business! So back the hell off cause you dont know the full story and you have no right to judge , before you even know the whole story! Thanks Oh P.S learn how to talk right and not gangster. Were all grown ups and mothers on here, and your just giving everyone a bad name.
by the way im sweetkizzez91 thats why im writing it , i just a have a new username.

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