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I am trying to find this bottle that heats it's self I saw on tv show

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I had seen this bottle on a talk show Today It heats its self with a push of a button I missed the name of the bottle and who makes it Does anyone know how i can buy it and were?

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they sell bottle warmers at like target and walmart and babys r us
I think this is what your are referring too...
how lazy has america become? seriously. a bottle that heats itself? that's beyond ridiculous. whatever happened to tossing them in a pot of warm water or even easier, thrown them in a microwave for 15-20 seconds. you don't need a bottle warmer. how do you think they did things back in the 50's and so on, when they didn't have all these new useless gadgets like bottle warmers, and wipe warmers. get off your lazy ass, and go warm up a damn bottle for your baby!!!!!
To the responder above (Pinkpaisley8709):Why the need to be so mean? She may not have the facilities at hand, or be on the go, or whatever. This kind of forum is to help other mothers, you should stick to that purpose or not post at all.
welcome to the 21st century painpaisley. where there exists technology to make a busy mums life easier. if you want to live in the dark ages thats your choice. reserve your judgements for the oh so wonderful women of the 50's, oh wait, womens lives sucked back then. humm...
Pinkpaisley8709 some people travel 14 hours  no rest stop  around  middle of the night  or stuck in traffic its not lazy it is CALLED  GEE I CARE ABOUT THE FACT MY BABY IS HUNGERY! GET A GRIP ! DO YOU RELIZE HOW MANY MILATARY FAMILES  must travel with child  to a new base? and trust  me the military could care less if your child is hungry ! You judge to fast  and too harsh! Yet as they say  everyone has  an opinion as well as  Backside . Think before you judge & comment
well if it comes down to a travel issue, then just do this-pack a bottle with just waterr. then add the formula when you are ready to feed. it's that simple, people! bottles do not need to be warmed, unless they are cold.
Bottles really don't need to be warmed, but some babies like to drink warm milk just like some babys prefer room temp or even cold milk.But you shouldn't warm a bottle in the microwave at all as it heats unevenly.In regards to traveling they sell a bottle warmer at target and similar stores that use car adapters instead of plugs.
i heated all of my daughter's bottles in the microwave when they were cold. to make sure they are the right temp, you just shake it, and test.
a bottle that can heat it self i would not give that to a baby that is going to have a lot of chemicals 


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