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I believe I got pregnant January 3rd, can you tell me my due date?

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You should have seen a doctor by now if you are that far along. The doctor will tell you your due date when you go.
your estimated due date is probably like october but you should go to the doctor 
your due date should be october...40wks from your first day of your last period...Mines was december 31st and I begin my 2nd trimester this week so you should really go to the doctor because it sound like your in your 2nd trimester...although your past the peak of miscarriages you want to make sure all is well with little baby and that everything developed how it was suppose to because from now on it's only mission is to soak up as many nutrients as it can and needs from you
My last period was Jan. 5th, I'm due Oct. 12th, So imagine you are probably due around Oct. 10th. 

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