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I can't awnser my daughters questions?

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/my daaughter wants to know what "soggy waffles" is, and i dont even know can someone explain this to me. all i know is it is a sex term?

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tell her its a waffle that is soaked in water.  let her know the obvious term (:
I agree. If she's young and a word or term is inappropriate there's no need to explain exactly what it means until she's older. Just tell her what you know, that it's a wet waffle.
I think the most important thing about this question she asked you is that you find out where she heard the term. This is obviously not something that your daughter should have heard. It might be completely innocent (another child repeating something they heard), however you might want to rethink the company she keeps. There is a standard we need to have when it comes to our children and anyone who would even repeat that phrase to a child (even in jest thinking they don't understand) crosses a line and should be talked to. Our babies are the innocent ones and we need to assure their environment is a good one. p.s. I am not judging you! Just a mom to mom suggestion :)
I agree that you should ask her where she heard it, though kids hear things from all over the place. It doesn't necessarily mean she needs new friends. She could have heard it from older kids on the bus or at school, a friend's older sibling, random strangers overheard in stores, etc. I can't tell you how much my almost 3 year old daughter knows that surprises us. And for the record, I don't know what that term means either. 
It's when men sit in a circle and put a waffle in the middle and they masturbate into the waffle. But tell your daughter it's when you get syrup on your waffle and then it gets soggy.

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