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I cant decide "Rylan" or "Christian" ?

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I cant decide whether or not to name my baby boy Rylan or Christian... im having such a hard time, especially knowing he will be here in 3 weeks. please send your opinion, thanks !

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I'd go for Christian purely because "Rylan" is likely to cause more trauma on the schoolyard and with substitute teachers, but admittedly it's not the best of reasons.  What you could do is just wait until the baby's born - it's entirely possible that when he pops out, you'll take one look at him and realize he looks just like a Rylan, or just like a Christian, or heck, even just like a "Jack", and that'll be the end of that. (And yes, it does happen that way.  We were trying to decide between two names for our son, and he really did look much more like one than the other!)
I like christian. it's a touching name that speaks of purity and strength. but i have to tell you im reading a book at the moment and one of the character's is named christian. so, im a little bias at the moment.try useing the name you like the most(even a little more) for a week and see if it feels natural or if every time you say it your mind goes back to the other name automaticly.congrats on the little boy!!! they really are angels in blue!!!
I'm not a big fan of either one. For me, Rylan is too unusual and Christian is too common/popular. In 2010 it was the 29th most popular name and in certain states it's in the top 10 (according to the Social Security Administration).But, my husband and I are overly picky about names. We both have names we've hated for just about our entire lives. Naming our children has been the most important and most difficult aspects of parenting. Actually raising our children is easy compared to choosing names!

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