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I can't hear my baby wake up inthe morning

2 answers
You know how you can learn to tune out an alarm clock so that it doesn't wake you up in the morning? Well I've done that with my 8 month old daughter. Her crib is in my bedroom, not 3 feet from my bed, and she screams and shakes the railings on her crib. Still I don't wake up until my dog comes up into my bed and lays on me whining because she hates it when the baby cries. Sometimes I dream that I'm holding her and trying to console her, but really i'm still in bed. How do I make sure that her crying wakes me up? She's getting big and I'm worried she's going to start trying to climb out of her bed soon.

answers (2)

why is the crib in your room? why does your child not sleep in her own room? and how the hell can you not hear your OWN CHILD screaming at you in the morning when she's only 3 feet away from you? you are able to tune her out, because you want to!
Wow pinkpaisley8709, I was googling this question and this post came up.. You are rude, this mother was needing support and advice. Not a judgemental dog like yourself to comment and be mean, some people actually struggle with this. Just like you are struggling with your autistic child. Everyone mother struggle with something different, where is the support.

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