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I cant seem to work up the courage to wean down my 8mth old baby girl?

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its hard but its easier to just do it
just give her a cup. it only has to be hard, when you make it that way. i have my daughter a cup at 6 months, and within 3 days, she was holding it like a pro. i took the bottle away at 10 months, cold turkey. and we never looked back.
If you need to for work reasons consult you pediatrician or OB for guidance.  However, for the child you don't need to wean yet.  As you add foods the baby will nurse less.  I nursed two of mine until about 15 months and the other for just over a year.  I wish I knew then what I know now and I would have pumped more for outings.  Also I wish I would have never given my kids dairy until after 18 months.  They all had digestive and allergy issues.  We learn.  I share more about nurturing at
I have seen older kids get nursed. Try to give the baby more solids. Maybe give her the jar food and if she finishes that, let her nurse. But, remember the benefits of breast milk. Or just give her pumped milk. Same stuff but just given to her differently. Or have daddy do some feedings since you are assosiated with nursing and not him.
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