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I could pop anytime, why is my pubic hair falling out?

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Ok ladies, this could be graphic, here goes! So my hair down there is black, and long because I haven't manicured in quite some time thanks to the huge belly. But now, every time I wipe after using the restroom, I find these tiny little orange/red hairs. They are delicate hairs ranging from 1 inch in length down to 1/4 an inch. They are there every time I wipe, for the last two days. Now like I said my hairs are black and coarse. So, I know it sounds weird, my plug hasn't released, my water isn't broke, but I feel like the kiddo is losing her hair and its coming out. Crazy? Yeah, I know. Has anyone else experienced this?

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I think I read somewhere that the hair falling out is normal but I never heard of it being different colors. I'd ask the doctor next time you see him or call their office on Monday.

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