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I decided on a name for my baby(boy and girl) tell me what you think.

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I told samuel he could pick the boy name and I would pick the girls,It worked we found a winner for both. So for a boy we picked.Caden Timothy Brooks. I really don't like timothy but I'm sticking to the deal,For the girl name we picked.Lucette Merlia Brooks. I picked merlia because my name is oceana which is the name of a city under the sea on barbie and a mermaid tale,And merlia is the princess of oceana.Plus that's caitlyns favorite movie. And I liked lucette because it's uncommon. Let me know what you think.

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I think Caden is too similar to Caitlyn. You'll both get them mixed up a lot. My kids all have very different names (Audrey, Harrison, and Vivienne) and I even call them by the wrong name sometimes. But when names are similar it's even more difficult to keep them straight.While I know that inspiration can come from anywhere, I think it's a little silly to choose a name based on your toddler's favorite movie. I want to like Lucette, but something about it doesn't sound right. It's weird.Really though, other people's input doesn't matter. When you have the right name, you'll know and you won't need anyone else's opinion.

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