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I don’t really like my daughters friends they are not a good influence

2 answers
I don’t really like my daughters friends they are not a good influence, how can I talk about it with her?

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First off I've noticed that most moms don't like their daughters friends because it leads to some sort of competition between all the girls for the father's attention. My advice is to tell your daughter to befriend ugly fat girls which will totally cut out any attention from daddy. We all know that men have no self control, especially when it comes to young pretty girls. So if you just allow fat ugly girls to be around the house, it allows your husband to focus on more important things like his xbox 360. And eating that sandwich you just made him.
Well you need to weigh out the pros and cons. What exactly do you not like about her friends? You need to take the approach carefully because if you come at it too strong she will just associate with them behind your back and that you don't want

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