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I dont know how to control extreme temper tantrums anymore..

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So my daughter is a normal toddler is any aspect I can think of. She follows directions well, eats well, makes excellent eye contact etc etc EXCEPT her temper tantrums are to the extreme. For example .."If she gets attached to an object ..say a ball. there is nothing you can do to take that ball away from her. If you do she will scream bloody murder. She will throw her self to the floor and cry in a rather dramatic fashion. If I give her the ball will be like nothing ever happened. Another example..Last sat. she refused to nap. Take her to the crib do here ritual sleeping thing and nothing. she cried for almost an hour straight. I take her out of the crib. She is all smiles. Back in the crib crying to the extreme. She is sitting on the floor drowsy as anything..but will refuse to go to the crib. Another example...Yesterday she was sitting on the floor. Waiting for my wife to clean the grapes. She decided she cannot wait or my wife is not moving fast enough. She decides to bang her head on the floor. And then she crys because of that. Anyway you get the idea. My this a second child symptom or a symptom of my parenting needs correction. Which could be the case.

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Your daughter is just testing her boundaries. Keep your discipline consistent and do not give in to her tantrums. Giving in (not keeping her in her crib, giving her what she wants when she wants it, etc.) will only make her behavior worse. as she gets older she will learn patience as long as you do not give in to her tantrums.

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