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i dont know what to do...

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so, me and my husband have been trying to conceive our second child for 6 months and i just found out yesturday through two home pregnancy tests that we finally have our second bun in the oven. then my husband went to work yesturday afternoon to find out he had lost his job and with it our insurance. to make matters worst he wont get unemplyment because of the wiggly way they fired him. my income is barely going to cover our expensives and that statement is up for debate. we had a relatively good saving up until a month ago and we hit a string of bad luck taking all our savings with it. our son is only 14 months old and he needs soooo much. the joy of a new life inside me is subdued by all the negatives surrounding me. im lost as to what to do or where to begin. where do i go from here and how do i get to the other side of this nightmare...

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try applying for assistance such as food stamps, WIC, and BadgerCare. My husband is the only one working right now and we don't qualify for many of the programs out there. Hope you have some luck out there.
Take a deep breath.  If there's a Planned Parenthood near you, they'll be able to provide you prenatal care even if you don't have insurance, and they may be able to help you find affordable medical care for your son and the newborn baby when he/she arrives.  In the meantime, have your husband see if he's eligible for unemployment benefits, because that can help ease some of the money woes, and I agree that food stamps and WIC are good solutions.  (Please do NOT be too proud to take them.  Look at it this way: you've paid into the systems already while your husband was working and paying taxes with every paycheck.) Your husband may need a little time to lick his wounds, but then he needs to be back on his feet and looking for a new job.  They ARE out there, but they may not be exactly what he was looking for.  You'll be all right, hon.  Don't be afraid to ask for help - it's out there.  *hugs*
My husband lost his job right before I found out I was pregnant so I understand how you feel.  Find out what resources are available to you from the state like food stampe, wic etc...  We did not qualify for any assistant because I made too much... Lame.Have your husband apply for unemployment anyways.  The employer does not decide who gets umemployment the state does.  And the worst they could do is send a letter tell him he does not qualify.  Best of luck I know its a VERY  hard position to be in, but it will get better!
call your doctor! don't wait until your appt on wed, pick up the phone now.
i had the same thing with the blurry visionn & the leg problem & everything that your writing about i had the same thing happen to me! but you should really call your doc. i did
Definitely call your doctor immediately.

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