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i dont know what to do anymore please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ok me and my husband have been having problems lately with our sex life he hasnt touched me and doesnt want to have sex with mee and have been looking at porn so i started looking at it with him and he finally got tired of the magazines and we had sex but now he wants it all the time and yes i want him sometimes but then i get moody and dont he gets mad what 2 do

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Understand it is your hormones driving you nuts. He may have been mad at you for not wanting it for so long and then when he got it again, he thought that was green light for getting it all the time again. I'd say stick to oral. Guys usually enjoy that and it shouldn't hurt you (make sure you get in a comfortable position). I can't have sex cause it hurts me so we have found ways to deal with it. You'll find something that works for you. Just experiment a little.
when you want sex, start walking around the house butt naked. yank his pants down, and give him a blow job. masturbate in fron of him, get some toys, etc.

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