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I don't know what to do with my 5 yr old son

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my 5 yr old son had pulled down my 2 1/2 yr old daughter's pull-up. I caught him with his had on her butt and saw him looking at things very closely. when asked what he was doing he said he checking her owees. They were supposed to be napping. our living situation is not the best. I can't put in separate rooms. I'm scared that my son is getting to curious of their differences. Is this normal behavior, even for kids in separate rooms? what can I do to put a stop it?

answers (3)

I think it is pretty normal for him to be curious about the differences between his anatomy and his sister's. have you ever talked to him about how boys and girls are different? Maybe you could have a talk wiht him, and then also add that those places on our bodies are private. Maybe even ask your pediatrician to have a talk with him about bodies at his next appointment.
Maybe it's time you took a nap with them.  You're probably tired, and he obviously needs supervision. You'd rest in between the two.   Explain to him that although you understand that he is curious about how his sister is different than he is, he needs to not touch her private area or anyone else's.  And, in general, he needs to not touch other people when they don't want to be touched.  You may even want to tell him about sex, and how that is God's gift  for a husband and wife.  Explain in simple terms the difference between a boy and a girl, and a man and a woman.  There are lots of books with pictures that will help you to explain anatomical differences and how things change when you get older.  It may depend on his maturity level, but I was 6 years old when my mom got out a health book and told my sister and me about it. 
I dont think he wants to do harm hes just really curious because hes 5 years old but I think you need to have a talk with him about how him and his little sisters parts are diffrent... And tell him you dont want him to touch her because he can hurt her with out meaning it...  and keep them more supervised...

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