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i feel like I have to pee 24 hrs a day but nothing comes out!

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Baby is probably sitting right on your bladder. The pressure on your bladder is making you think you have to pee, but you really don't. As long as you are still peeing a regular amount during the day, and it is normal clear almost colourless pee, you shouldn't worry.
Have your Doctor rule out a urinary tract infection as well. Drink some cranberry juice and eat some Activia yougurt to see if that brings any relief.  My heart goes out to you.
I second the UTI (urinary tract infection).  If you're also experiencing serious burning when you do actually pee, then that's a good sign that you've got a UTI.  I get them a lot - they're awful!  Talk to your doctor - I'm not sure if the normal meds are okay for pregnancy, but your doc will definitely know.  Water and cranberry juice are the best ways to prevent a UTI, but they're not fool-proof.  At least they're good for you!  :)
Agreed.  Have your doctor check you for a UTI. Once that is ruled out stick to water,milk and 100% fruit juice only to prevent your chances of developing a UTI.  You should be able to tell the difference between the baby putting pressure on your bladder and the pain/pressure associated with an infection.  Best wishes!

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