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i feel withdrawn...especially from my baby's father...

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hi, i'm almost 8 weeks pregnant and i feel down and alone right now even with tons of support around me. the person who supports me the most, my fiance and baby-daddy, has hurt feelings because i don't seem to want to be touched too much or hugged on or in a good mood ever. sex usually sounds disgusting to me right now but occasionally i try to do it anyway so he feels better. i just wonder if this is normal, like will i be like this the whole time? i miss feeling close to my best friend and love of my life, i wish i could make things normal with him again. any advice?

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First off, yes. It's completely normal. Your hormones are all over the place right now and you aren't your normal self. That said, you'll just have to wait and see how things go throughout the rest of your pregnancy. Your hormones change a lot as your baby develops and it's common for these weird side effects to change as well. But, there are women who don't have sex and don't want to be near their husband/fiance/etc. for the entire pregnancy. A friend of mine had to move in with her mom because her husband's smell made her incredibly sick. I have a couple of friends who just don't have sex during pregnancy. Pregnancy affects women differently, there's no way to tell how things will be for you.The best thing to do is to talk openly and honestly with your fiance about what you're going through. You don't have to give him answers or timelines for things, just let him know how you're feeling. Don't stress about it, that will only make you feel worse. Just go with the flow, no matter what that flow is. In all honesty, you can't fight your hormones or the effects they have on you. 
Talk to him about your feelings. For my entire pregnancy I was not in to sex much. I told my partner how I was feeling and asked him how he felt about things. I would have sex with him occassionally even if I didn't want to. I did make it a point to ask him to cuddle with me, and I made it a point to touch him physically - like giving massages, washing his back for him in the shower, etc. Being intimate doesn't always have to be sex.

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