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i felt the baby move,its not a question

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it was like a big thump in my tummy

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good for you. i don't see the need to update everyone on the smallest details of your pregnancy. get your rest, and go take care of your daughter.
pink paisley you almost never answer then you post rude remarks about everything if you dont have an answer then dont answer it
you said yourself, it was not a question. you just wanted to let the whole internet world that you felt your baby move. that's great. we are all happy for you.
Pinkpaisley, again you are here posting rude comments. I remember not to long ago you posting something about your daughter doing something you thought was exciting, not a question either. You said something about you not having friends to brag about it too and I'm not surprised you have no friends, you are a negative, rude person. Maybe if you learned to be a nicer person you might gain few friends. 
I remember the first time I felt my little girl move, such an exciting day. Keep enjoying your pregnancy Oceana!!!
the reason i don't have friends is because i am a stay at home mother with a 21 month old daughter, and 4 pit bulls. my husband and i have only one vehicle, and he works 12-14 hours a day at his tattoo shop. my weekly outing consist of going to walmart to do my grocery shopping. atleast i can admit that i don't have a life. can you? and by the way, i'm not complaining. i love the way live, and my family is very happy.
I think pinkpaisley isn't rude, she just doesn't mince words. Some people who speak their mind come off abrasive at times. Keep it up, pink...sometimes you really make me giggle.
to oliviasmom,good for you for having such a wonderful support system and so many friends. must be nice. i live way out in the country. they say it takes a village to raise a child, but i certainly don't have that. it's just me, and my husband. mostly me doing everything. and we are all just fine. the few neighbors that i have are childless, and old. other than that, there are not many people around my area to associate with. the fact we have only one vehicle, and my husband is off on sun and mon only limits what i can do. so therefore, that's why i'm without friends. i don't have much opportunity to get out and go make them. but i'm okay with that. me and my family are happy, and that's all that matters.
thank you, kimmieapples. nice to know i make you giggle. i have fun with this site, i really do.


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