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i found a name i like let me know what you think

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i really like the name lyle bentley my husband loves it too the family likes it so we got our baby name for our little boy i cant wait to see my baby boy so excited

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i'm only 9 weeks along, but my husband and i have names picked already. lorelei pain for a girl, or aiden pain for a boy. i know what your thinking. "pain, for a middle name!?!?" my husbands tattoo name is painless ray, so that's where the pain comes in. my daughter is paisley elizabeth pain. personally, i'm sick of seeing people name their kids after a car. mercedes, bentley, porsche, etc. but lyle bentley is alright.
Why not Pain with an "e"? (Paine). And Lyle Bentley has a nice ring to it.
Looooooove it!!!!!
It's great that your husband and family love the name. Sometimes I wish it was just customary for the woman to name the baby what she pleases. After all, we do most of the work, before and after the baby is born.

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