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I found out my HCG is low, is this bad

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I am still in my first trimester and yesterday they told me that my HCG is really low and that in 2 days I need a repeat HCG test and ultrasound. Does that mean my pregnancy is viable and they are trying to figure out why?

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Don't freak out yet.  My sister in law had that with her 2nd child.  I will tell you she had a very terrible first trimester and at one point she was in the hospital trying to prevent a miscarriage, but she made it through and my neice is a very healthy 5 year old now.  Wait and retest, then talk frankly with your doctors.  Most won't sugar coat it for you.  I know that it can end in good results though, so that's why I said don't freak out. 
IU had low hcg with my daughter. When the retested they saw that I was increasing at a good rate, I was just low.  Don't get yourself too worried until they do the repeat test, then make sure you get an honest answer!
Thanx, yea I go for my repeat test tomorrow, so I hope I get good news. I also hope they don't make me wait all weekend to hear the news.
The earlier you are in your pregnancy the lower the HcG is. You'll probably do fine on your retest.

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