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i get constipated real bad what can i do about it?

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my doctor said that there is a stool softener in my prenatal pill. i take my prenatal pill everyday and still i get constipated. what can i do to stop getting constipated.?

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Drink LOTS of water. I mean literally a couple gallons a day. And you can also try drinking certain juices (cranberry works, also prune juice and even pomegranite.) Also try to eat high fiber foods like whole grains, etc. This should help "get things moving."
thank you gabrielle
I was constipated during my whole pregnancy, it was so uncomfortable.  Finally after talking to my doc, she gave me some stool softners to take when I hadn't gone in a few days.  talk to your doc again and see if she has a reccomendation.  My sister was so badly constipated that before they let her start to deliver her baby, nurses had to "clean her out" she was so impacted.  Definatly don't want to have to go through that.....  talk to your doc, you may just need a little extra help.  also try to avoid foods that can cause it like I know some dairy products can.
thanks nellie
Taking Benefiber daily helped me.  As others have said, talk to your dr and see what he/she recommends.  You might need to get a prescription stool softener, but your OB knows what's best for you.  I hope it lessens soon!
a cup of coffee in the morning with your breakfast should help to get things moving.
I also have the same issue, I have taking metimucel and drinking v8 juice, it's not great, but you get used to it... I guess
Drink lots of water and juice, I'm 17 weeks pregnant and I drink a cup of natural juice every morning before haeding out to work, try papaya, it really works for me!

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